Pressereferentin an Bord


from aboard

“A maritime emergency has been reported; we increase our speed to the maximum. A search begins that will last for hours.” For the first time, our press officer Petra is reporting directly from aboard our rescue ship!

It is often difficult to grasp exactly what a search and rescue mission in the Mediterranean looks like, and what the crew members feel. Our press officer Petra is currently aboard Humanity 1 for its second mission in October/November 2022 and describes what goes on, both on the ship and in her head. How are rescue units prepared, what kind of training is needed in preparation, what happens when people are rescued from distress at sea – and how do they fare once they are aboard?

Petra answers these and many more questions in our “Blog from Aboard”, which offers in-depth insights into the everyday life of crew members and those who have been rescued. Join us and read her posts here:

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