Rotation 1: Medical evacuation of babies, situation on board deteriorating, still no assignment of a place of safety

Baby wird von Humanity 1 notevakuiert
Arez Ghaderi / SOS Humanity

After the Humanity 1 set sail for the central Mediterranean on August 27, the crew on board prepared and trained for possible rescue operations. Between 6th and 10th of September 208 people were rescued in three rescue operations. Another rescue took place in the evening of 13th of September after Humanity 1 reacted to a distress call forwarded by Alarm Phone .

With 415 survivors on board Humanity 1 requested the assignment of a place of safety with the relevant authorities – without result. Meanwhile the situation on board deteriorates.

*Correction: According to a new count, there are 414 survivors on board Humanity 1.

Last updated September 19, 2022 at 08:20 a.m.

La méditerranée est une mer dangereuse
Rescue operations


Rescued people


after medical evacuation 389 rescued people on board

Requests place of safety


by 18th of September

Medical evacuations


three babies together with their families


18. September 2022, afternoon: The three youngest babies on board had to be emergency evacuated for medical reasons. They are weakened due to the stressful situation and lack of suitable milk powder. Their mothers cannot breastfeed due to exhaustion.

18. September 2022, forenoon: Fresh water is running low on the Humanity 1. The rescued can hardly wash themselves, infectious diseases spread more easily. Many are getting weaker, and are suffering from pain, headaches, and insomnia. Other supplies – such as baby milk powder – are also running low.

17. September 2022: 15 requests for assignment of a place of safety have been made – we are still waiting. The medical situation on board is deteriorating. Here, Barbara – doctor on board – reports from Humanity 1.

What is more, wind and waves became so strong that Humanity 1 had to seek shelter off Sicily. To protect survivors – many of them have to sleep on deck – tarpaulins were reinforced and lashed down.

16. September 2022: We have already made more than ten requests for the assignment of a place of safety – without success. According to maritime law, rescue operations end with arrival in a place of safety. Human Rights Observer Mirka reports from deck and explains why 415 rescued must go ashore asap. See the full video!

15. September 2022: The 415 people on the Humanity 1 urgently need a port of safety!! The medical situation onboard is serious. Many are exhausted: Ten children have high fever and hardly eat anything. One man was shot one day before departure and the bullet cannot be removed on board.

14. September 2022: All 207 people from the boat we were alerted to by Alarm Phone are safe on board the Humanity 1 since yesterday evening. Among the survivors are many women (36) as well as minors and children (88).

Two cargo ships stabilised the situation before our arrival and rescued four people in the water. The Malta MRCC coordinated the cargo ships but did not share any information with Humanity 1 despite several requests.

After this fourth rescue, there are now 415 survivors on board the Humanity 1 who are in urgent need of a port of safety! Almost half of them (192) are under 18, including 113 unaccompanied minors.

12. September 2022: We have set course with the Humanity 1 towards the boat with ~250 people reported by Alarm Phone.The situation is extremely critical!! It seems that: fuel, food, and drinking water are depleted. A 3-year-old child has already died of thirst. Nearby ships are not rescuing.

10. September 2022, evening: After receiving an urgent distress call (pan pan relay) from Frontex aircraft Osprey 3, the Humanity 1 changed course to respond to the emergency. 25 people were rescued. In total, there are now 208 rescued people on board.

10. September 2022, noon: After 2 rescues, the Humanity 1 is heading North with 183 rescued people on board.

9. September 2022: This morning, 72 people were rescued from an unseaworthy wooden boat in international waters off the Libyan coast. Among those rescued are a woman, a child and six unaccompanied minors. No one was wearing a life jacket.
We were informed about the boat in distress by Alarm Phone. Again no response from the contacted rescue coordination centres.
A total of 183 rescued persons are now on board the Humanity 1.

6. September 2022: In the evening, the crew of Humanity crew rescued 111 people from a unseaworthy and overcrwoded rubber boat in a joint effort with the Nadir-crew of resqship in international waters off the Libyan coast.

Among the rescued are two women, one toddler, and 1 baby as well as a big number of unaccompanied minors (86). All survivors are safe on board the Humanity 1 now.

Photo credits: Arez Ghaderi / SOS Humanity

Our operations in pictures

Gerettete helfen beim Spannen von Planen über dem Deck der Humanity 1
Arez Ghaderi / SOS Humanity
Gerettete auf der Humanity 1
Arez Ghaderi / SOS Humanity
Kind wird an Bord der Humanity 1 gehoben
Arez Ghaderi / SOS Humanity
Rettungseinsatz Mittelmeer Humanity 1
Arez Ghaderi / SOS Humanity
Rettung Fiberglasboot
Arez Ghaderi / SOS Humanity
Deck eines Holzboots nach einem Rettungseinsatz im zentralen Mittelmeer
Arez Ghaderi / SOS Humanity
Menschen mit Rettungsweste im Schlauchboot
Arez Ghaderi / SOS Humanity
Geretteten Menschen wird an Bord der Humanity 1 geholfen
Arez Ghaderi / SOS Humanity
leeres Schlauchboot
Arez Ghaderi / SOS Humanity
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