Matrosin Eva auf der Brücke des Rettungsschiffes der Humanity 1 beim Ausschauhalten mit Fernglas
Max Cavallari / SOS Humanity




Learn more about the people we have met on our missions, about the team of SOS Humanity and about the people from civil society who support us, and find interesting articles and reports.

Why it is important to testify

Rescuing from distress at sea alone is not enough. Without civil engagement and direct action, everything that is happening in the central Mediterranean would happen in complete silence. Human rights violations would stay undetected and people would drown without anyone opposing. The dying in the central Mediterranean would be completely invisible to the public. We do our very best to not let this happen!

Bearing witness means documenting the experiences of rescued people and to help them to share their stories. Without any knowledge of the grievances, no changes can be demanded. All the things we witness are the foundation of our political work on land.

Therefore, rescuing and testifing go hand in hand. For more humanity at sea.

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