Zeichnung einer geretteten Person von Menschen in Seenot und dem Rettungsschiff Humanity 1
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We believe that it is not enough to rescue people at sea – people are also saved from drowning by political decisions on land. In addition to rescuing at sea, we therefore inform the public about the inhumane consequences of European migration policy. We stand up for the rights of people forced to fleeing across the sea and demand political change.

Our demands to the European Union and its member states

Implement applicable law

EU states must ensure that international law is respected and implemented in the central Mediterranean Sea. Obligations under international law must not be knowingly circumvented. This includes, among other things: the duty to rescue at sea, state coordination of search and rescue operations, and the fastest possible allocation of a port of safety to disembark persons rescued at sea.

Establish a European search and rescue programme

The EU member states must finally establish a search and rescue program in the central Mediterranean Sea that is organised and financed by Europe and also state-coordinated. Sufficient ships must be deployed for the purpose of search and rescue. People in distress at sea must be rescued and then brought to a port of safety as quickly as possible, in accordance with international law.

End the funding and training of the so-called Libyan coast guard

EU states must not elude their responsibility to perform search and rescue by outsourcing it to Libya. The deliberate enabling of the so-called Libyan Coast Guard to intercept people on the high seas and force them back to Libya in violation of international law must end. The direct or indirect involvement of EU states in the return of rescued people to Libya is a violation of international law.

Stop hindering civil search and rescue activities

It must be ensured that civilian search and rescue in the Mediterranean Sea can continue without any restrictions and that it is neither blocked nor criminalized. must receive full support from the coordination centers during search and rescue operations.


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