Bei einem Rettungseinsatz auf dem Mittelmeer wird einem Menschen aus einem Schlauchboot vom Rettungsteam an Bord eines schnellen Rettungsbootes geholfen.
Max Cavallari / SOS Humanity

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As SOS Humanity, we strive for a world in which the human rights of all are respected. SOS Humanity stands for humanity at sea and on land.

As part of the European network SOS Mediterranee, we have been operating in the central Mediterranean since 2016. At first with the rescue ship Aquarius, and, from mid-2019 until the end of 2021, with the Ocean Viking. During this period, we were able to rescue 34,631 children, women, and men from drowning.

In the end of 2021, we decided to part ways: As SOS Humanity we continue the work we once started as part of the SOS Mediterranee network independently. As SOS Humanity we will remain true to our goals: Since the end of August 2022, we resumed our life-saving mission in the central Mediterranean with our new rescue ship Humanity 1. We will continue to rescue people from distress, protect and assist them, document their stories, and highlight the consequences of the EU´s inhumane migration policy.

On the following pages, you find out more about our mission and our work at sea and on land.

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