Call for major demonstration: Together against the right

Freiwilligengruppe Flensburg / SOS Humanity

Alongside over 1,300 organisations, SOS Humanity has signed up to the alliance’s statement “Gemeinsam Hand in Hand”. We, the signatories, are now calling on you to join us in raising your voice for democracy and human rights and against marginalisation and hatred!

When? Saturday, 3 February, 1 pm

Where? Meadow in front of the Bundestag

Hinweisplakat zur Großdemo am 3.2. um 13Uhr in Berlin vor dem Bundestag
Hand in Hand-Netzwerk

United against the right

Come to the big demonstration in front of the Bundestag this Saturday, 3 February, and be part of the human chain against the right! Let’s be loud and show presence – together we are defending democracy and human rights against right-wing ideologies and populism!

We are witnessing with concern and anger how right-wing and far-right views are gaining public support. Joint votes by democratic parties with the AfD (far right party in Germany), stricter asylum policies and the current CORRECTIV research into right-wing extremist deportation plans make it clear: now more than ever, the civil society firewall against the right must become active and visible. We want to set an example with you in favour of social coexistence in which diversity, fairness and democracy are the fundamental values that we stand for!

Come to the rally and be part of our human chain as a “human firewall” around the Bundestag!

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