Good news: Alternative Nobel Prize for civilian search and rescue

RHIB von SOS Humanity rechts und Schlauchboot mit Geflüchteten links. Retterin hilft den Menschen mit ausgestreckter Hand auf das Schnellboot.
Danilo Campailla / SOS Humanity

In the midst of the European migration debate, SOS Mediterranee receives the Right Livelihood Award – a sign of appreciation and hopefully a wake-up call for the EU!

On September 28, 2023, SOS Mediterranee receives the Right Livelihood Award – better known as the “Alternative Nobel Prize”. This is awarded annually to personalities and organizations that confront the world’s greatest problems.

Until the end of 2021, SOS Humanity, as the German part and founder of the SOS Mediterranee network, was on a rescue mission with the Aquarius and the Ocean Viking. We are delighted that our joint life-saving work is being honored with this award.

The award is a sign of appreciation for the work of civilian search and rescue in Europe, which comes at exactly the right time. Initiator and founder of the prize Jakob von Uexküll, sees the prize as a wake-up call to the EU: “The EU is the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. We want to remind it of its own responsibility. In 2023, a lot revolves around compartmentalization. But there is still room for a humane and active refugee policy.”

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