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There are many ways to support SOS Humanity. Some of our best-known supporters use their name and reach to do so. They talk about non-governmental search and rescue as guests on talk shows, take part in quiz shows and donate the winnings to SOS Humanity or perform on stage for a good cause.

Would you also like to support SOS Humanity and use your reach, your art or your network to draw attention to the humanitarian emergency in the Central Mediterranean? Write to us at!

"For me, humanity means recognising people as people and not as a nameless crowd of refugees."
"Humanity is expressed in the ability to empathise, to love and to be there for one another."
"Humanity recognises the equal value of every human being. We do not let our brothers and sisters drown."

On stage…

In ‘Tatort Mittelmeer’ (Crime Scene Mediterranean), actors known for their roles as TV detectives draw attention to the human rights violations that happen every day on the world’s deadliest refugee route. By presenting reports from survivors and crew members of the Humanity 1 on stage, they give a voice to the silent and put the experiences of survivors and rescuers in the spotlight.


Deichkind bei den SOS Sessions 2023.
Kevin McElvaney

…for more humanity

At the SOS SESSIONS, well-known artists such as Deichkind, AnnenMayKantereit and Megaloh take to the stage for a good cause and inspire thousands of visitors every year. Together, they set a good example for more humanity: 100 per cent of the profits from the event go to SOS Humanity and thus finance our life-saving missions.

"Without civil search and rescue, people die. Every day. With our performance at the SOS SESSIONS, we want to express hope and solidarity. Let's support SOS Humanity, let's save lives on the high seas!"
Kevin McElvaney
Deichkind unterstützt SOS Humanity. / Deichkind supports SOS Humanity.
Kevin McElvaney
Deichkind unterstützt SOS Humanity. / Deichkind supports SOS Humanity.
Kevin McElvaney
Mine unterstützt SOS Humanity. / Mine supports SOS Humanity.
Kevin McElvaney
Josi Miller unterstützt SOS Humanity. / Josi Miller supports SOS Humanity.
Kevin McElvaney
Ätna unterstützt SOS Humanity. / Ätna supports SOS Humanity.
Kevin McElvaney
Megaloh unterstützt SOS Humanity. / Megaloh supports SOS Humanity.

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