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Search and rescue in the Mediterranean.

SOS Humanity is a search and rescue organisation working to ensure that no one dies while fleeing across the Mediterranean. We rescue people from distress and accompany as well as protect them on board our rescue ship. We bear witness and promote change by educating the public about the inhumane consequences of the European migration policy, and by raising awareness of the deplorable conditions in the central Mediterranean. Our work is supported by the solidarity of civil society.

Humanity 1

Rettungsschiff Humanity 1

Humanity 1 departed & petition launch

We resume our mission in the central Mediterranean. Yet lives are not only saved at sea.  We need urgent policy changes on land. We call on the German Government to initiate a European search and rescue programme.

Sign our petition "SOS on the Mediterranean Sea"
Why it's time to act
  • In the past year on average every six hours one person drowned in the Mediterranean Sea.

  • The European states have increasingly withdrawn from search and rescue at sea.

  • Search and rescue organisations bear witness, inform civil society and hold the ones in charge accountable.

  • Search and rescue organisations fill the gap in urgently needed rescue capacities at the European borders.

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Our mission
Here you can find current information about our life-saving mission!
  • 18.09.22
    Fresh water and other supplies – such as baby milk powder – are running low on Humanity 1. During the day three babies in need of medical support were evacuated together with their families. Still no assignment of a place of safety.
  • 17.09.22
    The rescued people on Humanity 1 urgently need a safe place to go ashore. The medical situation on board is critical. in addition, due to critical weather conditions the Humanity 1 had to seek shelter off Sicily. 15 requests for the assignment of a place of safety have already been made!
  • 14.09.22
    All 207 people from the boat we were alerted to by Alarm Phone are safe on board the Humanity 1 since yesterday evening. There are now 415 survivors on board the Humanity 1 who are in urgent need of a place of safety.
  • 10.09.22
    Evening: After receiving an urgent distress call (pan pan relay) from Frontex aircraft Osprey 3, the Humanity 1 changed course to respond to the emergency. 25 people were rescued. In total, there are now 208 rescued people on board.
  • 9.09.22
    This morning, the crew of the Humanity 1 rescued 72 people from an unseaworthy wooden boat in international waters off Libya.
  • 6.09.22
    In the evening, our Humanity 1 crew rescued 111 people from a rubber boat in a joint effort with the Nadir of Resqship in international waters off the Libyan coast.


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