Die Humanity 1 (Rettungsschiff von SOS Humanity) in den Farben blau und gelb auf dem Mittelmeer
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& Rescue

 Eine Szene auf dem Mittelmeer bei Nacht, links die Humanity 1, die mit ihren Scheinwerfern ein kleines Boot mit Flüchtlingen anstrahlt.
Raphael Schumacher / SOS Humanity

Season of goodwill – time to rescue!

2023 was the deadliest year in the Mediterranean since 2017. This must not be a repeat! Donate now to make a winter mission of Humanity 1 possible.

Give the gift of humanity.

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Bei einem Rettungseinsatz auf dem Mittelmeer wird einem Menschen aus einem Schlauchboot vom Rettungsteam an Bord eines schnellen Rettungsbootes geholfen.
Max Cavallari / SOS Humanity

SOS Humanity.
Search and rescue in the Mediterranean.

SOS Humanity is a search and rescue organisation working to ensure that no one dies while fleeing.
We rescue, protect, bear witness and promote change.
Our work is supported by a solidary, civil movement and financed by donations.

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schwarz weiß Nahaufnahme von der Humanity 1 mit dem Schriftzug "Rescue".
Nicole Thyssen / SOS Humanity

No punishment for search and rescue!


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Humanity 1 operating:
Here you can find current information about our life-saving search and rescue operation.
To the current rescue report
  • 2.12.23
    Humanity 1 is being detained in Crotone on the basis of false claims by the authorities. We will take legal action against this.
  • 2.12.23
    200 survivors went ashore today in Crotone, southern Italy. 6 of those rescued - including 2 pregnant women and a mother with her 2-week-old baby - were taken to hospital.
  • 1.12.23
    Humanity 1 is now on her way to Crotone, Southern Italy. The authorities changed the distant port that had initially been assigned.
  • 30.11.23
    It's already night and the crew is exhausted from 3 rescues when they find a boat in distress yesterday after a distress call from Alarm Phone: The fibreglass boat is heavily rolling, no rescue equipment aboard. The crew starts the rescue and takes all 24 people on board.
  • 30.11.23
    In the late afternoon, Humanity 1 rescued another 40 people from an overcrowded, unstable wooden boat. The people had set off from Libya the night before and report massive violence by masked Libyan militias who attacked them with weapons shortly before their escape.
  • 30.11.23
    After the first rescue , the crew of #Humanity1 witnessed a pullback of around 35 people by the so-called Libyan Coast Guard – and rescued 46 people from the water who had gone overboard without life jackets in the chaos of the pullback.
  • 30.11.23
    This morning, the crew of Humanity 1 rescued 90 people from an overcrowded, unseaworthy rubber boat. Among them are around 30 unaccompanied minors, several women, and a baby. The distress case was reported by Alarm Phone. .
  • 27.11.23
    In coordination with Italian authorities, the crew of Humanity 1 searched for a distress case.The boat was spotted in the evening by Italian Coast Guard vessels and more than 250 survivors were brought to Lampedusa.
  • 25.11.23
    The changeable weather makes the search difficult and sailing sometimes impossible. Nevertheless, our crew remains in the south to be ready for possible rescues.
  • 23.11.23
    The crew is in the area of operation and on the lookout for boats in distress.
  • 20.11.23
    The crew of Humanity 1 has left the port of Siracusa and is preparing on board for upcoming rescue missions.
  • 13.11.23
    The volunteer crew members arrive in Siracusa today. The other crew members have already been on board for a few days.
  • 30.10.23
    Humanity 1 is back in Siracusa and is being prepared for its next mission.
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