Die Humanity 1 (Rettungsschiff von SOS Humanity) in den Farben blau und gelb auf dem Mittelmeer
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Gerettete Frau drückt auf schnellem Rettungsboot lächelnd ihr Baby an sich.
Nicole Thyssen / SOS Humanity

SOS Humanity.
Search and rescue in the Mediterranean.

SOS Humanity is a search and rescue organisation working to ensure that no one dies while fleeing.
We rescue, protect, bear witness and promote change.
Our work is supported by a solidary, civil movement and financed by donations.

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Humanity 1 operating:
Here you can find current information about our life-saving search and rescue operation.
To the current rescue report
  • 25.09.23
    The Open Ship ended at the weekend. In the coming days, the new crew will arrive on board Humanity 1 and start preparing for the next mission.
  • 21.09.23
    Today, as part of the Open Ships, there will be a live online tour of Humanity 1 for everyone.
  • 16.09.23
    As part of the Open Ship in the port of Siracusa, a public discussion took place today with our lawyers about the legal basis of civilian sea rescue.
  • 13.09.23
    In the last few days we have welcomed interested locals and tourists, journalists and supporters on board. Humanity 1 and the exhibition on board are still open to everyone.
  • 10.09.23
    From today, Humanity 1 will be open to journalists and interested visitors in Siracusa. There will a photo exhibition and possible interviews with one of the artists and the crew.
  • 01.09.23
    The Humanity 1 arrived in Siracusa, Sicily, today. Coming from Livorno, Tuscany, she was underway for several days, partially in very stormy weather. In the coming days and weeks, the rescue ship will remain in Siracusa, raising awareness for civilian search and rescue at sea, and preparing for the next mission.
  • 27.08.23
    Finally, stepping onto dry and safe land: This morning, 57 survivors were able to go ashore in Livorno, northern Italy. Four days have passed since the crew of Humanity 1 rescued them from distress.
  • 24.08.23
    Between Tunisia and Sicily, the crew spotted a rubber boat in distress. In consultation with the Italian authorities, they stabilised it and provided the ten people with life jackets and food until the Italian coast guard took them on board and brought them to Pantelleria, Italy.
  • 23.08.23
    Almost 60 exhausted survivors have to wait aboard Humanity 1 for at least 4 days before going ashore. Italy assigned Livorno, Italy, more than 1,000 km away, as a place of safety – although there would be closer ports.
  • 23.08.23
    Just before 11am today, our crew spotted an overcrowded wooden boat in distress. All 57 survivors were safely taken on board Humanity 1, where they now receive first aid and care. Among them are also two unaccompanied minors.
  • 17.08.23
    Humanity 1 is on her way back to the area of operation.
  • 16.08.23
    Today around noon, all 106 rescued people onboard Humanity 1 safely disembarked in Ancona, Italy.
  • 12.08.23
    Humanity 1 was assigned to the port of Ancona, Italy, almost 1,400 km away. The exhausted survivors have to wait four days for a place of safety.
  • 11.08.23
    In a second rescue in international waters, the crew of Humanity 1 rescued around 20 more people from distress at sea this afternoon. On board Humanity 1 there are now over 100 rescued people who had set off from Libya.
  • 11.08.23
    The crew of the Humanity 1 rescued over 80 people in distress from an overcrowded, unseaworthy inflatable boat in international waters this morning.
  • 09.08.23
    The Humanity 1 is now in the area of operations. The crew is ready for rescue and has started to look for boats in distress.
  • 02.08.23
    Our rescue ship, Humanity 1, is back at sea. While sailing torwards the search and rescue area the crew trains and prepares for rescues.
  • 25.07.23
    Humanity 1 is currently in Siracusa for crew change.
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