Menschen mit Rettungswesten mitten im Meer auf einem Schlauchboot


& Rescue

Rettungseinsatz auf dem Mittelmeer - rechts Menschen mit Rettungswesten in einem Schlauchboot, links Rettungsteam
Nicole Thyssen / SOS Humanity

SOS Humanity.
Search and rescue in the Mediterranean.

SOS Humanity is a search and rescue organisation working to ensure that no one dies while fleeing across the Mediterranean. We rescue people from distress and accompany as well as protect them on board our rescue ship. We bear witness and promote change by educating the public about the inhumane consequences of the European migration policy, and by raising awareness of the deplorable conditions in the central Mediterranean. Our work is supported by the solidarity of civil society.


Gerettete Frau drückt auf schnellem Rettungsboot lächelnd ihr Baby an sich.
Nicole Thyssen / SOS Humanity

8th of March is International Womens Day

To mark the occasion, for the next month we will focus on the theme of female refugees and the experiences of women on board the Humanity 1.

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Why it's time to act
  • Grafik Rettungsweste mit gelbem Hintergrund und blauer Weste im Vordergrund

    In the past year on average every six hours one person drowned in the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Grafik Rettungsring gelber Kreis mit blauem Rettungsring

    The European states have increasingly withdrawn from search and rescue at sea.

  • Grafik Auge gelb mit drei blauen Augenlinien und blauer Pupille

    Search and rescue organisations bear witness, inform civil society and hold the ones in charge accountable.

  • Grafik Gelbes Herz mit drei blauen Herzlinien

    Search and rescue organisations fill the gap in urgently needed rescue capacities at the European borders.

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Our operation
Here you can find current information about our life-saving search- and rescue operation
Have a look at our chronology!
  • 17.03.23
    The aft deck is being cleared of rust so that a new wooden floor can be laid. This will be installed in such a way that waves can pass under it at sea in order to protect the rescued people even better.
  • 08.02.23
    Old winches and crane foundations which are no longer needed were removed from deck. In this way, more space for the accommodation and care of rescued people is created.
  • 01.02.23
    The Humanity 1 entered the winter shipyard. In Burriana, Spain, crew members and volunteers from all over Europe work, wield and paint so that our rescue ship will soon be ready to go back at sea.
  • 17.12.22
    The Humanity 1 arrives in Burriana, Spain. The crew of the rescue ship's third operation disembark, and preparations for the winter shipyard will begin soon.
  • 11.12.22
    In the evening, Humanity 1 leaves the port of Bari, Italy. After three rescue missions in 2022 with a total of 855 rescued people, it is now heading to the shipyard in Burriana, Spain, for the winter.
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